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Our Masterclass series offers a unique opportunity to engage in workshop-style sessions with inspiring individuals who have made a tangible impact in urban communities. These sessions are not just about theory; they are a chance to learn from real-life change-makers, hear their stories, and gain practical insights into community development, social innovation, and urban transformation. Join us for a transformative experience, where you'll discover the secrets to creating positive change in urban spaces and leave with the knowledge and inspiration to make a difference in your own community.


"The Church, The Hood & Digital Marketing"

80% of people ages 12-29 are on social media. 2 of every 3 people in the US will log into Facebook this month‼️ The local church carry  the most important message in the world but often remain virtually silent on social platforms. In this Masterclass Mark will equip you with a simple framework to clarify, plan and communicate the greatest, most compelling message on the planet…

After 15 years ministry leadership and 4 years of e-commerce marketing, Mark Evans uses digital marketing strategies and church planting experience to train and consult Churches Artists and Businesses. Our plan is to clarify and communicate the Church's efforts to reach their community for Christ.



Business Owner / DJ / Dancer


"It's OK To Have Jesus & A Therapist!"

Faith integration can provide an excellent foundation for individuals who want to use their religion as a guide to healing in a professional setting. This workshop covers the intersection of religion and spirituality in therapy. Attendees will leave with knowledge about integrating spirituality and faith into the therapeutic setting.

LaDawn Evans MA, LPC is the owner and Lead Therapist at Restored Counseling Group, LLC (RCG), overseeing a diverse team of twelve mental health therapists offering various interventions for people of all backgrounds and ages. Her inspiration to establish a group counseling practice in West Michigan arose from a personal struggle with depression and anxiety when she couldn't find a culturally competent therapist. She later pursued a Bachelor's in Psychology from Cornerstone University in 2015 and a Master's in Counseling from Spring Arbor University in 2019. With over 15 years of experience as a life coach and Stephen's Minister, Evans now provides counseling and life coaching for adults, couples, and families, supported by the RCG team. She holds certifications in Prepare and Enrich/Pre-marriage and Marriage Counseling, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Life Coaching, and Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy.



Therapist/ Business Owner


"Church Planting With A Carrot"

Church planting is the most effective way to engage unreached people in a disciple authentic relationship with Jesus. Statistically, we can start 50 more churches in most urban communities and we would still not have enough churches to house those that do not know Jesus. In this workshop we will explore “the freedom to contextualize” (the carrot) the delivery of the Gospel that speaks the language and shapes the culture of the community you are called to reach.

Nate’s passion to walk with those who have been impacted by the justice system after their release began while he was serving a 12.5-year sentence within the Michigan DOC. Since his release in May of 2013 Nate Co-Founded Fresh Coast Alliance, a ReEntry and Recovery organization based in Muskegon, Michigan. He also serves on the Senior Leadership team at Kingdom Life Church. Along with his dad, Nate co-authored If Two Agree. He is a member of the Advisory Board for Prison Cell to PhD., a nationwide organization based in Baltimore, MD. Nate is a keynote speaker for several platforms on successful Pre-Entry, Re-Entry, and Post-Entry with a focus on each phase and the key role it plays in determining the success of those returning to our communities. Nate resides in Muskegon, Michigan with his beautiful wife and three children.



Pastor / Author / Re-entry Expert


"Business ON Mission"

Every business must start with and continue to ask the fundamental question “what problem am I here to solve”. Christian leaders are perfect candidates to create business that not only meets the needs of its customers but also helps to fulfill mission work in its community and beyond. In this workshop we will unpack what it takes to start / reboot a business of any size and have to exist to be ON mission.

Andy is the planter and Lead Pastor of Rivertree Church in Jackson. Rivertree owns and operates Resale Depot, a resale store whose sole purpose is to raise money for ministry. To date they have given away over $600,000 to a variety of ministries who help people find and fall in love with Jesus.  In addition, Andy serves as the Executive Producer for Church Planter Assessment in North America for The Wesleyan Church. He is currently a doctoral student at Asbury Seminary working towards a D.Min in Church Multiplication.



Pastor / Business Owner


"Managing Money 101"

Financing can be a challenge for many families, communities, and businesses. This workshop will discuss basic financing tools to help build comfort around financing and money management. Attendees will gain basic skills on how to read basic finance documents, recommended finance platforms and budgeting tools.

Mariel is an enthusiastic professional with over 10 years experience in finance.  He has worked with various organizations and with individuals during their personal and professional finance journey. He currently works as a controller at a local non-profit where he has hands-on experience with serving his community. A belief in being a forever student has contributed to continuous career growth and positively impacting lives. Mariel resides in the Grand Rapids area and enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. 



Accountant/ Speaker


"Raising Money 101"

One of the skills that small churches and not for profits lack is the ability to consistently raise financial support. In this  This workshop we will discuss basic fund-raising techniques. Attendees will be able to identify a methods of fundraising, learns tips to fundraising, and how to maintain donors.

Originally from Indianapolis, Rev. Tisa Herbert now lives in Grand Rapids, MI, leading The EDGE Urban Church with her husband Kirt. After a decade of nonprofit experience working with youth, she started 3D Influence to coach young adults to discover, develop, and deploy their own unique way of living out their God-given purpose. Tisa is passionate about activating individuals and organizations to implement creative strategies to build the kingdom of God. As a coach and consultant for urban ministries, she brings extensive fund development experience from receiving grants for business start-ups, after school programs, nonprofit operating expenses, fundraisers, and capital projects.



Pastor / Consultant / Business Owner


"Urban Hospitality"

Nothing like a good Urban BBQ… As you make your way to the backyard music's playing, people greet you as you make your way to your seat, it smells good… you can just feel the hospitality, culture, the vibe. No matter the size of the church, your guest can and should have greater experience than they have at a BBQ when they step foot on the property. In this workshop, we will talk about a few checklists that every urban church can have to ensure your guests are greeted, seated and treated the way you would want them to be! Join Pastor Jerome Vierling and a guest CityLife Church of Lansing team member on this insightful workshop.

Pastor Jerome Vierling, married for nearly two decades with five children, experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus, leaving behind a past of drugs and darkness. He founded Soundsgood, a music missionary non-profit that's produced five projects and the Get Rooted curriculum.

In 2015, he established City Life Lansing, an inner-city church thriving for eight years, emphasizing sanctification and transformation. Jerome co-founded the Love the City movement, focusing on community service. Beyond his pastoral role, he's a hip-hop artist with the recent release of "ONE," embracing the significance of the number ONE. His favorite movie is "Tenet," and he's fond of its soundtrack.



Pastor / Author / Artist


"Simple Strategy for Disciple Making"

According to research organization, Barna, 80% of Christians believe that discipleship is important. Yet only 1 of 4 Christian’s have ever made a Disciple. In the timely workshop we will Define the disciplined-life and create a plan to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

Phil is a movement-minded leader who has been a catalyst for dynamic disciple-making and church multiplication for the past 18+ years.
In 2003, Phil and his family planted the church IMPACT with a vision to plant 3 churches in 5 years and 10 in 10. As IMPACT multiplied churches and grew to a church of over 1,000 lives, Nitrogen was birthed as a network helping The Wesleyan Church denomination further its movement of multiplication across North America. Having recently completed his Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership and Global Perspectives, Phil focuses on a vision of church multiplication that transforms lives and restores urban communities across North America and beyond.



Nitrogen Co-Founder and Network Catalyst


"Empowering Urban Youth"

In most urban communities, Youth and young adults make up more than 50% of the population. Yet most churches struggle with reaching and maintaining youth from the community where they serve. This workshop will have leaders with proven track records in not only reaching but empowering  urban youth.

Raised in St. Kitts-Nevis and Jamaica by missional parents, Rev. Kirt Herbert is passionate about empowering youth in vulnerable communities with the gospel of Christ. Currently, he serves as the Lead Pastor of the EDGE Urban Church, a Hip-Hop church in Grand Rapid, MI that creatively uses the Arts to disciple youth. Through his innovative and engaging teaching style, Kirt Herbert has inspired hundreds of youth and youth workers to combine creativity and faith in a way that gets youth more actively involved in their learning.  





"Church and Community Collaboration"

As churches, we have a tendency to create “new” programs either out of a desire for control or because we simply don’t know about the good work already taking place around us. The financial reality, however, is that churches alone can’t possibly meet all the needs in our communities. And hundreds of people in our towns and cities are already doing God’s Kingdom work daily!

As a church, we must get out into our communities and find out how we can partner with the great organizations and events already in action. We are more than the sum of our parts. Together, God can work through us and expand our reach beyond our individual capabilities. Join me for a candid conversation about how to create community collaborations that will extend the hands and feet of Christ beyond the walls of your local assembly. 

Pastor Brandyn Pierce is a passionate advocate for children and a dedicated foster parent committed to helping children of all backgrounds reach their potential. As the visionary founder of The Change Church of Wichita, he challenges traditional religious norms, emphasizing relevance and inclusivity. He also hosts the weekly streaming Talk Show & Panel, "Elephant in the Room," fostering important conversations on pressing societal issues. Pastor Brandyn embodies values of love, support, and inclusivity in his unwavering dedication to spiritual and social causes.




Pastor/ Church Planter

Brandyn Pierce

"White In Urban Ministry"

Serving in a multi ethnic, multicultural  urban community comes with its own set of unique challenges. To lead in an organization where the community is majority people of color and your white, requires the Holy Spirit lead approach and to being a leader. In this workshop leaders of all ethnic makeup will learn techniques and posturing that works in the city.

Adam and Christy Lipscomb, a dedicated couple, work at the church-community intersection. Adam's expertise spans immigration, anti-racism, diversity, and urban ministry. He serves on housing and homelessness nonprofit boards and co-founded City Life Church, a multicultural core-neighborhood church in Grand Rapids, MI. Christy is the Lead Pastor there. Together, they are proud parents of two sons, Jude and Elijah. Committed to fostering positive change, the Lipscombs serve their community and church diligently.



Pastors / Christian Community Development


"Getting Your 501c3"

Many organizations doing great work in the community and unfortunately have not been set up properly to receive all the benefits of doing life changing work. PDFI Consulting is a trusted consulting firm that specializes in business startup, 501c3 preparation, and grant writing. In this masterclass Lisa Marie will provide steps for preparing and obtaining your 501c3 so that you can be set up to receive the funding you need to reach more people for Jesus!!

Pastor Lisa Marie Barnes is a highly accomplished and dedicated spiritual leader with an impressive track record of service in the church administration field for over 35 years. She is also certified government grant writer, bringing over 20 years of invaluable knowledge and skill in securing funding for churches and nonprofit organizations.

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"Outreach That Works"

Studies show that only 20% of Americans attend church every week. 57% of Americans are seldom to never attend services. If it’s 340 Million people in the USA, then 146.2 Million people don’t attend services at all. Church attendance doesn’t solely equate to a relationship with Jesus Christ, but chances are they probably have not experienced the tangible love of Christ. Outreach has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach those that have not and probably would never attend our worship services. The Husband/Wife Duo of Justin & Charla Obi will be presenting on “Outreach That Works”. In this workshop we will unpack the ins & outs of what it takes to effectively do outreach with any size congregation. Each attendee will leave enabled to impact their community within reach of their church. 

Justin and Charla Obi are lovers of God and His people. Between the two, they have over 25 years plus serving in ministry, with their focus an experience on Evangelism and Youth ministry. 


Pastor Obi, who was licensed as an Elder in 2017, knew that God had chosen him In 2020 during a Pandemic to plant Kingdom Community Church. While Pastoring has been rewarding, one of the greatest accolades for this duo, has been building a healthy marriage while successfully parenting five. Their mission is to be the Kingdom in the community, one block, one home, one family at a time . 



Pastor / Evangelist / Artists



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